All the volunteers live together at Cristina English School, which is also a homestay with capacity to comfortably lodge a maximum of 12 volunteers at any given time. Every volunteer is allocated an individual bed provided with a mosquito net in our communal dormitory, with shared access to all the other spaces such as the lavatory. Daily life is regulated by some common sense rules based on a spirit of shared responsibility, kindness to fellow volunteers and cooperation. You will find them posted all around the premises as well as in our handbook, which you can consult prior to your arrival.

The place is more than just a school. For many of the children it is the only place where they can play and meet in a safe and guarded area. We have a football field, volleyball net and lots of toys for the children.

Because most of the children’s parents are working full time and basically have no time to spend with their children, the school is a great opportunity for them to learn, play and just enjoy their childhood. The children are not allowed inside of the house so if you want to be alone, we ask you to go inside. During the lunch break there is no one around, but from the mornings on, there will always be some children around playing, asking you to read with them or to play football. It is a great experience and you will see very soon these children will win your heart and you will become part of the Dream Big family.

Every volunteer is asked to contribute with a compulsory weekly fee, which is used to cover basic expenses such as the rent, the wages of our Cambodian collaborators, food or electricity bills. Weekends are free and most of the volunteers use them to discover the surroundings or relax in Siem Reap.