Amazing people from Cambodia and abroad willing to make a difference

RATHANA (2): Rathana is the general manager of Cristina English School. She has been involved with the project since the very beginning and is a former student herself. She is currently studying towards her teaching degree in English. She takes care of the daily routine at Dream Big Cambodia as well as the weekly finances. She welcomes the new volunteers to the school, helping them to feel at home and supporting them to teach the children. Rathana is close with the community and works hard to ensure the wellbeing of the students and the volunteers also.

SOK NIM (1, 3, 4): Sok Nim is the cook at the school. She is Rathana’s aunt and also the wife of the director of Phoum Steung Public School. She is in charge of shopping for the food and cooking delicious meals for all of the volunteers. Sok Nim does not speak much English, but she’s fluent in smiling.

CRISTINA (4): As the founder and president of our parent NGO Dream Big Association, Cristina helped to establish and build our free school. She is in charge of being in contact with volunteers as well as the international relationships, administration, fundraising and anything related to the project since 2016. Please do not hesitate to send an email to bakongenglishschool@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you need support with anything. Cristina does not live in Cambodia but tries to visit at least twice a year.

PLEASE NOTE: All volunteers are strongly encouraged to engage with DREAM BIG CAMBODIA in a long-term relationship, which has proven to be way more productive and beneficial for the children’s sake and the general purpose of the project.

Disregarding the duration of the stay, all the inspiration, ideas and suggestions volunteers can provide will always come in very useful and necessary.