Cristina English School is located in the Bakong commune (Prasat Bakong, 20 km from Siem Reap heading towards Phnom Penh). It is the official school of Dream Big Cambodia and also its headquarters, so it’s the same place where volunteers live during their stay. Many get curious about its name and ask for its origin, which is no other than the very name of our parent NGO’s founder, Cristina Solé. She served as a volunteer during the early days of the school and her contributions were so significant that the community decided to name the school after her, both as a way of recognizing her efforts and a way for the children to always remember her.



We also support the public school system in Cambodia. Since 2017 our volunteers also go teaching in Phoung Steung Public School, providing its students with 6 hours of English lessons per day, from year 4 to year 6. The locals appreciate the help very much, regarding it as a golden opportunity for the children in Phoung Steung village to improve their English skills.

Phoung Steung Public School is also located within the Bakong commune (ca. 1,5km from Cristina School).

When we started out our Dream Big Cambodia project, we just had 13 students. At the moment we teach, support and assist 334 students between our own school and the public school system. We continue to reach out into the surrounding areas to offer our English classes to more children and adults, who can greatly benefit from the knowledge of a second international language. Facing an ever-growing number of students, we continually require more supplies, more desks, more classrooms, and more volunteer teachers.

It is only with your support that Dream Big will be able to keep improving the quality of life in rural Cambodia.