Since you might already have some experience about living in a foreign country, you may already know how enriching this experience can be. If you come from a “western” country, you will probably notice that a lot of things are done in a different way in Cambodia. An example is the way children get taught – the children are used to repeat whatever the teacher says, instead of reflecting on the meaning of the words. As obsolete and inefficient as it may be, this is the way Public Schools in Cambodia work and educate their students. Try to have good patience, since this is the way the little ones are used to learn.

Also, don’t worry if you are not a teacher or English native speaker, most of our volunteers are not. But they have a great time with the kids anyway, and get often surprised by their performance as a teacher. If you are motivated and really want to help, you will find a way to succeed. We provide a comprehensive yearly academic framework divided into different levels of aptitude, so you don’t have to worry about which topics to cover or not during your classes. Of course, a sprinkle of improvisation from your side is always welcome. Whichever way you decide to face the task, Rathana as well as the other volunteers will always be there to help you.

Your help in teaching at the rural area is appreciated by everyone from the local community and by the children because it offers a better opportunities for their future.