Discover Dream Big Cambodia

Dream Big Cambodia is a branch of Dream Big Association, a non-profit NGO with which a group of DREAMERS from all around the world, aim to provide children of impoverished areas with better opportunities in life. In its Cambodia branch, we strive to do so by offering the kids free English lessons that help improve their skills in a safe and sound environment. Dream Big Cambodia stems off the previous efforts of VFRCC (Volunteer For the Rural Children of Cambodia), a former local NGO that was dismantled in September 2019, after his director and general manager got unfit to keep on with the job. Noticing the void that was going to impact the community, Cristina Solé, founder and president of Dream Big Association and former volunteer at VFRCC, decided to pick up on the many achievements attained by the extinct NGO’s volunteers and continue to provide the valuable services they offered from that tipping point on.

The English classes supplied by Dream Big Cambodia are very much appreciated by the local community and the children themselves, because they have proven to be a very good alternative and an excellent supplement to the English classes the kids already receive in the public school. Those are often taught by poorly-skilled local English teachers, so the lessons offered by international English speaking volunteers from Dream Big Cambodia become the best chance for students to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary.

When VFRCC started its project, it just had 13 students. At the moment within the new frame of Dream Big Cambodia we teach, support and assist 334 students between our own school and the public school system. We continue to reach out into the surrounding areas to offer our English classes to more children and adults, who can greatly benefit from the knowledge of a second international language. Facing an ever-growing number of students, we continually require more supplies, more desks, more classrooms, and more volunteer teachers.

It is only with your support that Dream Big will be able to keep improving the quality of life in rural Cambodia.